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With over 2 decades of casting experience JW23 has worked with most major networks and top production companies. It is our passion to pair aspiring talent with the right opportunities. We have curated a nationwide network of top notch talent at our fingertips and continue to grow on a daily basis. We not only draw from our ever expanding database of fresh talent, but we also are constantly keeping our thumb on the pulse for new an  innovative ways to find what our client is looking for. 

JW23 began as an unscripted reality tv casting company, but quickly expanded to commercials, development projects and the explosive digital realm. 

With the constant changing market of new media and the way we receive it. JW23 strives to keep up with the times, but also stays grounded with a grass root mindset to leave no stone unturned in search of the right people. 


We love casting commercials and unscripted shows also independent films. We also produce digital projects getting MILLIONS of views, JW23 works in all genres and formats.

We take pride in discovering new talent and are specialists in sourcing REAL, real people for commercial clients and Ad agencies. One of our favorite parts of the job is getting a thank you from a person who made thousands of dollars in residuals their first time in front of the camera. Or, getting the chance to propose to your girlfriend on a game show on national TV, even win a new car.


We are the first call for many directors and producers that know we understand how important casting is. Hosts, improv actors and models have gotten roles and even won awards in projects we have cast them in. If you are looking to be in the spotlight, this is the first step in the right direction. If you have a project that needs casting, we would love to work with you to book the perfect cast for your needs. 

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